Sales Policy

PrimRose Hill reserves the right to retain any offspring from any breeding.  Reservations without deposit will be taken on any breeding listed on the schedule for that calendar year.  Reservations with a 100.00 deposit will get first choice of kids born. Once a kid is born, in order to hold a kid, the buyer must make a deposit of 50%  AND agree to an acceptable pick up date.  If kids are not picked up by the agreed upon date, a $20.00/week boarding fee will be added to the price of the goat.  If a kid is not picked up within 14 days of the agreed upon date, the deposit is forfeited and the kid will be offered for sale to another buyer.

All registered kids will be sold disbudded, tattooed, current on vaccines, hoof trimmed, and castrated if a wether.  The kid will be sold “as is,” and there are no warranties on the health of a goat after it leaves the farm.  We cannot guarantee height, show quality, or milking capacity.  Refunds will not be given once the kid leaves the farm, nor will we accept a goat back due to biosecurity reasons.   A buyer may request any health test through the veterinarian of their choosing at their expense. Our herd is routinely checked by Virginia Tech and we test our herd for CAE and Johne’s once a year. We are happy to share all results.

If a goat has congenital defect that prevents it from breeding or conceiving, confirmed by a veterinarian, we can work out a replacement from a comparable breeding. The buyer may keep the original goat but must forfeit the papers to be eligible for a replacement.

Goats are herd animals and will only be sold in pairs or to a home that already has goats. Kids can be sold as bottle babies at two weeks of age or weaning (10 weeks of age).

Cash or PayPal payment is required for all purchases at time of pick-up.  Transportation of the goat to its new home is the responsibility of the buyer, but we are happy to help assist in the search for a reputable transporter if needed.

Please contact us to make your reservation or get more information!