PrimRose Hill Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Welcome to PrimRose Hill Nigerian Dwarf Goat farm, a division of Rose Hill Farm. Our 13 acre farm is nestled between the Blue Ridge and Allegheny mountains of southwestern Virginia. Rose Hill is located in Blacksburg, home to the Virginia Tech and the Hokies! Our highly selective breeding program for our Nigerian Dwarf goats produces animals that excel in the show ring as well as the milking pail. Our breeding stock are selected on a combination of milk quality and production, show records, and LA scores. Our goats are ideal for you whether you would like to improve the breeding character of your herd, win some blue ribbons at a show, or just enjoy the wonderful taste and nutrition of high quality Nigerian dwarf goat milk.

We gave taken great care to select our stock from the finest breeding lines found all across the United States including Rosasharn, Farm Oldesouth, Gypsy Moon, Algedi, J-Nels and Promisedland, . Several of our does are daughters of nationally recognized #1 does and top 10 producers. Our whole family cares of our herd of goats, and all of our goats, large and small, are handled on a regular basis and are socialized to people, horses and dogs. If you are lucky enough to live near us, we do bottle some of our goat milk (unfortunately, it is only available for animal consumption due the dairy laws in the state of Virginia). Please browse our site and don’t hesitate to contact us. For those of you who live a little further away, we have an AirBnb room available if you would like to visit the farm and learn more about our operation. We try to make frequent updates to our list of available and upcoming goats, so come back often and thank you for your interest!

Jennifer & Michael

Jennifer & Baby Goat